42030 – Remote-Controlled VOLVO L350F Wheel Loader

42030-boxMy first technic set. I bought it when I decided to start my new Lego life.

I choose to start with that loader because it contains lots of pieces and the 4 powerfunctions motors at once ! When i was a kid, i always loved to motorize my buildings, I owned 2 of those 4,5 volts vintage motors (see pictures below), I used to keep the smaller one for steering and take benefit of the big torque of the train motor to propel my models. Lego offers now 4 technical motors, one of them being a servo motor, making your life so much easier when speaking of steering axles.

This model is my first studless one, I was still building lego models, with my son who is fan of Lego star wars and at start, I was not really satisfied of the new building technics, it’s not good old lego bricks anymore, it’s… something new ! But, after a while, I realized that building like this is much more realistic, more challenging because you have to consider the whole project and not only the step you’re currently working on. The result is also much more robust and structured, your bricks were falling everywhere after a small hit in the past, now you build 4×4 buggies who climb rocks and pass through mud puddles without damages !

I’m now a new Lego addict, studless convinced me !


For more details, check Sariel’s great review on Youtube.