42000 – Formula 1

Today was a rainy day, nothing interesting to do… So is the time to open the box of that 42000 Formula 1 that I bought a few months ago for such an occasion !


42000-boxThis model is made of 1141 pieces and designed by Uwe Wabra. It’s quite big, around 60 cm and contains 16 wishbones suspension arms which add a very realistic look to the front and rear axles, nearly impossible to reproduce with other pieces. The model contains also a bunch of panels in red and white colors and 4 nice wheels. Building it took me roughly three hours. The front, side and top views are very sexy but the rear side looks wishbone suspension armunfinished. It’s ready to receive the PF battery box, offering 4 blue useless pins which are not matching the general colors of the model. I guess they’re here to simulate 4 exhausts, but the result is uncertain compared to the overall quality of the model. Apart of that small design error, I love it, the choice of the colors is perfect, the scale seems good and the black chassis which is hidden under the bodywork is nicely made.



I loved building this model, loved to watch it after and unbuilding it will break my heart !

For more details, check Sariel’s great review on Youtube.



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