Off-Road Shorted Dragster

Hi all !

Time has come for a new MOC. My son and I were playing with the 9398 Crawler when my son started to complain how slow it is. Unfortunately, or not, he was right and then we immediately decided to build something faster !

Faster, smaller, playable and fun ! Lots of things to take in consideration, but… I think we succeeded and built some kind of funny little dragster.

It’s clearly not the more accomplished built I’ve ever created, but we considered it good enough to figure on the blog. So, here it is, with its free instructions. To maximize the fun of playing with, try to change the wheels with bigger or smaller ones. Using smooth ones on the front axle is enjoyable and will offer you nice skids.

Clic here to download PDF instructions :  Of Road Shorted Dragster (894 downloads )