9V RC Electric Train

Hi all,

This time, no new Lego Technic moc, but a sympathetic electric train designed and built by my 7 years old son !
We started together the project, Dad gave a few advices, about the size and how to plug the IR receiver and the battery box, and that’s all. After that, Dad went back to the lounge to watch the rugby world cup on TV… After a while, Kid left his bedroom with a train in hands, and … that was (almost) what you see here on the website !
Well, it’s a quite simple train, without many details, but it’s pretty cute and I’m so proud my son did it by itself that I’ve decided to build the instructions and add a post to the blog ! Really, that is his very first finished self building !

Click on the following link to download free PDF instructions :  9V RC Electric Train (702 downloads)